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Falck encourages employees and Business Partners to raise concerns about irregularities or improper actions that have been committed, are suspected or likely to be committed, or actions that do not comply with applicable laws and regulations, the Falck Code of Conduct or internal policies. By speaking up, you are giving Falck the opportunity to deal with the concern. Remaining silent about possible misconduct may worsen a situation and decrease trust. 

The whistleblower system should be used in good faith.
Falck guarantees protection and anonymity for those that need it, but we encourage you to provide your name in the report as this makes it safer and easier for us to communicate.
All reports are strictly confidential. You can find more information on this in menu section "Privacy policy" above.
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What can be reported?
Open a post box
In the whistleblower system, you can report serious matters such as:
  • Unlawful activity;
  • Financial fraud;
  • Bribery or corruption;
  • Violation of competition laws;
  • Serious endangerment to environment, health and safety;
  • Any acts by senior management that cannot be reported using local channels;
  • Activities, which otherwise by law, treaty or agreement amount to serious improper conduct (e.g. discriminatory practices, sexual harassment, use of child labour, human rights violations, drug or alcohol consumption at work).
What should not be reported via Falck Alert?
  • Ordinary employment related complaints, e.g. wages, holiday time, employment or union contract matters;
  • Practical complaints, e.g. problems with a PC, food quality, heating/cooling in an office;
  • Violations of internal policies on routine matters, e.g. dress codes, smoking, vacation, sick leave.
To ensure your anonymity, you must do the following:
  • If possible, do not report from a PC provided by your employer.
  • Do not use a PC that is connected to the company’s network/intranet.
  • Access the whistleblower system directly by copying or writing the URL address in an internet browser rather than by clicking on a link.
  • Do not write your own personal details.
When you send the report, you have the option to choose whether you remain available for further inquiries by opening a secure post box.

We recommend that you make yourself available because we may not be able to finalise the case without further information from you.

When you create a post box, you will be given a case number, and you will choose a password. You will use the case number and password to log in to the post box in order to see if you have received any questions.

Regardless of whether or not you remain anonymous or you write your name, we ask you to open a post box. This makes it safer and easier for us to communicate.

All communication with us is anonymous if you wish it to be.